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Why I Created This Blog

Creating a blog requires a lot of big decisions to be made early on. Name, domain, tagline - all of these choices will have a major impact on the direction and future of your blog. It is a perfect opportunity to ask: What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want to create a blog? And that is exactly what my husband Finn asked me today as we embarked on this exciting adventure.

My answer was this: I want to share concepts related to frugality and smart financial decision-making that are so valuable and yet so underrepresented in the mainstream media and discourse. I want to do this so that I can improve people’s lives and make a difference.

A lofty goal, perhaps, but I believe in the power of frugality to transform lives. It has been one of the most powerful influences in my life so far, and I am grateful for it. I also believe in the power of knowledge, and using the amazing resources available to us and our full efforts to make the best possible financial decisions we can.

I believe these two factors, combined, can allow for an incredible amount of freedom. Freedom to spend your money on what truly makes you happy, to take risks, and to use your time the way you want to. Freedom from financial stress and worry, and from consumerist society and its tyranny. For me, frugality and freedom are inextricably linked - hence why I named this blog Freegality.

Modern society does not equip us well for attaining financial freedom. Financial profiles in newspapers tend to focus on individuals who spend excessively, and rarely on individuals who have lived frugally and are now reaping the rewards. Television shows normalize wasteful behaviour. Discussions of complex financial decisions in major media are oversimplified. Individuals are encouraged to rely on professionals for the most important financial decisions of their lives - professionals who may not have the right level of knowledge or the client’s best interest in mind.

Personal finance blogs have been one of the few bright spots, pushing the envelope with messages about simple living and the amazing benefits it can yield. These messages are familiar to many, reinforcing concepts they were taught by their parents or grandparents and have held on to tightly. For others, these messages are new, ground-breaking, and potentially life-changing.

My hope is that Freegality can be a meaningful addition to this growing blogosphere that has already provided so much inspiration to me.

Freegality will highlight the benefits of frugality and provide ideas and motivation, showing you how to live a joyful and meaningful life while spending less. It will also help you make smart financial decisions by providing high-quality explanations, tools and tips that you can use on a daily basis and during the major financial events of your life.

If I am successful, Freegality will inform, empower, enrich and entertain. If I am not, well, it was still a blast (and a frugal leisure activity to boot).

Happy freegalizing!

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