Personal Finance Absurdities Seen in the Media

One of the themes of this blog is that frugal habits are often learnt as a child from seeing what your parents do. However, there are many other factors which influence people’s approach to their finances, and one of them is what they read in the mass media.

Newspapers and magazines run many articles on financial matters, including analysis of different consumer alternatives, profiles highlighting readers’ financial situations, Q&As where an expert responds to a financial question, etc. Many US and Canadian newspapers have dedicated personal finance sections.

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Home Buying Series Part 1: Choosing A Neighbourhood

You’d be forgiven if you’ve started to think that this blog is all about frugality. While we think frugality is the bee’s knees, we are just as passionate about making smart and informed financial decisions, especially at the critical junctures in your life.

Buying a home is one of these critical junctures. It is the largest purchase 99% of us will ever make. Therefore, if any financial decision warrants extensive research, reflection and education, it’s this one.

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Why Be Frugal? The Myriad Benefits of Frugality

This may be the most important post on this blog, because understanding the benefits of frugality is step #1 towards adopting a frugal lifestyle. As human beings, we make most decisions based on self-interest, aiming to choose the path that will bring us the most utility. Therefore, in order for people to choose to live frugally, they must believe that frugality will benefit them more in the long-run than the alternative.

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Frugal Manifesto: 5 Critical Success Factors for Frugal Living

My experience has shown me that achieving a high savings rate is not the result of any one particular tactic. Rather, the key is adopting a frugal way of thinking, and letting that mindset guide you as you make many money-related decisions every day.

In this post, I will explore five critical success factors for frugal living that are all about the way you think:

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Why I Created This Blog

Creating a blog requires a lot of big decisions to be made early on. Name, domain, tagline - all of these choices will have a major impact on the direction and future of your blog. It is a perfect opportunity to ask: What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want to create a blog? And that is exactly what my husband Finn asked me today as we embarked on this exciting adventure.

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